Hon’ble Directors Message

I am glad to know that Bharati Vidyapeeth’s English Medium School, Sector-3, CBD, Belapur, Navi Mumbai has completed its 34 years of selfless educational service to society since 1983. The joy is all the more multiplied because coincidently this milestone has come on the eve of 50 years of celebration by our Bharati Vidyapeth family.
Children hold the key to the future of any society. Hence nurturing its children, ensuring and satisfying their emotional, intellectual and educational needs and promoting their all-round developments is one of the major responsibility of our society.
I am extremely pleased to mention that this school has proactively taken the said responsibility since its inception and has worked in cohesion and accordance with the mission statement of Bharati Vidyapeeth – ‘Social Transformation Through Dynamic Education’.
This has been reflected in the academic results and various cultural and social activities which the school has organized in its progressive journey towards excellence. Fortunately, I have witnessed most of these constructive activities undertaken by the school and was pleased to see the sincere efforts put in by all the faculty members, non-teaching staff and administrative authorities of the school.
Their efforts are also evident from the success stories of the alumni of this school in all the professional spheres of the present competitive environment.
I wish all- round success to the school to achieve many more such milestones by their perseverance and untiring efforts for shouldering the social responsibility of moulding our youngsters for the betterment of our society at large.