Principal’s Message

Dear All Visitors,
“Wishing you all for a Happy and Prosperous New Year”

We at Bharati Vidyapeeth School aspire to mould a learning community where both the students and teachers enhance the lifelong learning habit and become self directed learners who are passionate about learning. We shall endeavour to cultivate critical and creative minds and develop as optimal thinkers. We encourage them to become confident leaders who serve with humility and excel in all that they do.

Our school envisions to prepare good citizens equipped for future through activity and experience. We value and celebrate our faith, diversity, individuality and  promote enduring learning.

The school provides a curriculum that incorporates a system that ensures all the students to increase their academic achievements. We maintain a clean and safe environment conducive to academic achievements and sportive accomplishments. We want all children to have happy memories of their time with us and to be excited and motivated at the prospect of making the most of the learning as they navigate from primary to secondary level and beyond to the would by work.

Bharati Vidyapeeth is a pioneer institute in the field of education since decades. We at Bharati Vidyapeeth desire to keep up the flag high.

I, on behalf of Bharati Vidyapeeth School heartily congratulate and wish all success to everyone, with wholehearted blessings.



Mr. Alok Sharma