It is said that “Books are WINDOWS through which school looks out.” The Library is an integral part of school life, a place for students, faculty and the School community to read and learn, and pursue research. While books are the heart of the library collection, a myriad of visual, audio and electronic resources are available to enrich each student’s individual learning needs. The school follows the open access system for students, enabling students to browse through a number of titles on varied subjects and select the book of their choice.
The library has
Reference Section: Consisting mainly of Encyclopedias and other reference material on various subjects.
Borrowing Section: This offers a wide selection of fiction as well as knowledge based books.
Digital Section: Consists of mainly Educational CDs and Movies.

Since the books are arranged in open racks, it is easy for children to choose and pick their desired book. It is mandatory for each class to spend one period in a week in the library.

Teachers’ and Parents’ Resource Centre: This resource centre consists of books related to teaching and learning; also books on parenting, self help, motivation, philosophy and fiction. The books available at this resource centre can be borrowed by both parents and teachers.