Fees Policy


Rules for payment of school fee :

  • Fee is payable for all 12 months of the academic year divided into 3 quarters.
  • Payment should be made between the 1st and 15th dates of the first months of each quarter. If the 15th date of the given month is a holiday, then the next working day shall be considered as the last day for payment of fees charges.
  • The schedule for payment of school fee will be as follows.



Last date to pay



First Instalment

15th April



Second Instalment

15th August



Third Instalment

15th December



  • Before each instalment begins, the school will remind parents / guardians by way of circular, sms notification, etc. as may be feasible to remit School. The non-receipt of such reminder shall not be any reason for not paying the school fee.
  • Delayed payment charges for school


After due date

11th of the second

11th of third &

and till the 10th

month and till the 10th

forth month to the

of second month

of third month of the

last day of the

of the quarter






Rs. 100/-

Rs. 200/-

Rs. 500/-




  • For duplicate fee receipt Rs. 50/- will be charged.

Dishonoured Cheque in case a fee cheque in dishonoured for any reason, then the same will be treated as non-receipt of fee. In this case, the parent will have to pay bank charge plus late fee charge of Rs. 100/-. In a school fee cheque is dishonoured for a second time then the payment shall be made in only in the form of Demand Draft.

  • Students who have applied for and have been provided Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate shall claim their caution deposit within three months of leaving the school. If not the same will be forfeited.


  • School fee must be paid by crossed cheque / DD in favour of “BHARATI VIDYAPEETH ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL”
  • Parent shall compulsorily write the name of the student, Class / Section, Phone number & admission number on the reverse of the cheque / DD