Computer Science Labs

Technology is a “GIFT” of GOD and it is said that 21st Century belongs to the field of Information Technology and every day brings about a revolution in the field of computer science and technology. It is imperative that children from their junior classes are exposed to the basics of computers. Our school has fully air conditioned computer lab and  house the latest PC’s with TFT monitors, with a ratio of one machine per two Childs to enable every child to get hands-on experience to enhance their learning process. The curriculum is designed to suit the needs of the present generation and is aimed at teaching them the applications of various software’s like Paintbrush, MS Word, Excel, Power point,  FrontPage, C++, open office  and also teach them to use the InterNet , designing of web page , web site development. In Sr. Secondary level Python Language is introduced by CBSE to improve the ability of student to understand basic computational thinking, the programming logic of students and many more to really prepare them for the need of the hour.